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Cafe 123

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Jody Faison original Nashville foodie

Jody Faison, Nashville’s original foodie has been swapping stories with us in preparation for his appearance at this month’s Songwriter Salon at the 7695 on March 31st.

We’ve heard stories about his classic nostalgic Nashville restaurant creations including Faison’s, 12th and Porter (still open under new ownership), The Iguana, Pub of Love, and now Café 123.

Cafe 123 Nashville Restaurant

7695: Tell us about the next place you created after the Pub of Love.

Jody: The next place was Café 123, and it was in that same 15,000 square foot building with the Pub of Love. It was the first elegant place I wanted to open.

Because by then I was 40, and I wanted to open a place where… I wanted to be, I guess.

My brother had just finished chef’s school, and he became my chef there.

We created an upscale Southern menu by taking things that are indigenous to this area, but try and elevate them to a gourmet status.

My favorite dish that we had there was called the Notorious P.I.G. and it was a huuuggee pork chop. We sold a lot of them. Trisha Yearwood used to come in a lot and order that.

The atmosphere there was very dark with ceiling fans, and it felt like you were in a Mafioso speak easy type of place.

Join us at this month’s Songwriter Salon to sample Jody’s famous Pasta YaYa alongside the farm fresh meats of Southern Rhythm Cattle Company.

Get your tickets today to reserve your spot.

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