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What are those pictures on the fence along River Road Pike in Nashville?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

If you have ever been driving down River Road Pike in Nashville, Tennessee headed out toward Cumberland Heights or Ashland City, you may have passed a fence showing some larger than life photos.

Hard to tell in these days of mass media marketing, but these banners are enlarged photos of the real life historical inhabitants of this venue.

The Pickney Store has sat on River Road for over 60 years, a testament to hard work and family fortitude that turned German immigrants into some of the first landowners in Middle Tennessee.

Mrs. Pickney is recalled with fondness by her children and neighborhood families who used to shop at the old general store.

In the labor of love that has raised going on five generations of Pickneys, River Road and Middle and Eastern Tennessee in general are blessed by the work of this single family and its many branches.

It is the Pickney family celebrated on these humble banners lining the old home place fence facing the sprawling creek front 7695 private events indoor/outdoor space across the road.

Eight fine brothers and sisters have settled far and wide, but continue to come together from time to time here for weddings and family reunions.

Photos used by permission from Pickney Family. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

We look forward to celebrating your fine family events with you here, too.

Schedule your special day today, and inquire about multi-day packages for family reunions and destination weddings.


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Special thanks to our banner printer Cynthia Ryan of Nashville Sign and Graphics.


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