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Front Porch Welcome at The 7695 River Ro

Welcome to the 7695 -

Hello, and welcome to the 7695 private events venue 7695 River Road Pike, Nashville, TN 37209.

We're so happy you stopped by.  Please have a look around our virtual tour page.

If you'd like to schedule an in person visit, we'll be glad to show you around.

Nashville is famous because of a shared Tennessee culture that values Southern hospitality.  

We're carrying on that fine tradition here at the 7695.  Come see us!


- Management @7695Live

Gallery pictures show views of the Upstairs Lounge in the 7695 Clubhouse.

Step inside - 

When you first step inside The 7695, you're surrounded by comfort.

There's nothing up tight about the 7695 upstairs lounge from padded bar stools to leather easy chairs.

Want to listen to records?  Play board games?  Watch TV or read while keeping an eye on the activities outside?

We got you covered. 


Have your event planner help pick out the ideal diversions for your family and friends.

Upstairs patio - 

Perched on the upstairs patio, friends and relatives can sit and visit, while keeping an eye on the activities below.

Comfortably shady in the heat of the day, grandma can relax with a glass of sweet iced tea and watch the kids play in the creek.

Bachelor parties love to cheer their buddies on the golf driving range from this birds eye vantage point.

Speaking of birds... bird watching is great at the 7695 all year round from wild turkey & blue heron to bald eagles.

Gallery pictures show views from the Upstairs Patio at the 7695 Clubhouse.