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Meet Jody Faison, Nashville's Original Foodie

Updated: Jan 6

Meet Jody Faison – Nashville’s Original Foodie.

Jody Faison Nashville

Born: Lincoln County, Tennessee

Graduate: Vanderbilt University (football scholarship)

Major: Poetry

Profession: Restaurateur turned Esquire

Jody created some of Nashville’s most iconic restaurants including Faison’s, Iguana, Pub of Love, Café 123, Jody’s Bar Car, and 12th and Porter.

Learn more about the man behind the scenes, and walk down Nashville’s memory lane with “King Faison” over the next few weeks on the newly created Authentic. Experiential. Nashville 7695 weblog.

Get tickets to the upcoming Songwriter Salon at the 7695 featuring tastings of Jody’s famous Pasta YaYa, songs and storytelling from his forthcoming book.

Visit to reserve your seats.

Songwriter Salon Nashville Jody Faison


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