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Tennessee Creek Walk at the 7695

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

The world seems like it’s moving faster and faster these days, and with it, our minds seem to churn constantly.

Tennessee Creek Walk at the 7695

For centuries Tennesseans have taken refuge in the comfort of nature, and the calming beauty of running water.

At the 7695, we spend a lot of time reflecting on the beauty of this place, and this month we’re starting a new tradition.

Join us on Saturday, July 28th at 4:30PM before the monthly Songwriter Salon for a relaxing creek walk.

We’ll connect about mindfulness, and set our intentions to relax in the beauty and comfort of nature.

You might even find some peace of mind you never knew you had.

The creek walk is free, but please do RSVP so we’ll know you’re coming, for security reasons.

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