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Biggest Party of the Year

New Year’s Eve might be the biggest party night for some, but there are plenty of other chances to party all year long.

Nashville is known for its nightlife and thriving downtown scene.

Nowhere is that more on display than the annual New Year’s Eve concert celebration held in Downtown Nashville and throughout Lower Broadway.

For the party lover, you can recreate some of the appeal of a New Year’s Eve celebration throughout the year by accessorizing your event with the vibrant colors, lights, excitement, and live music of that big night.

Planning your private event doesn’t have to be a chore.

You can hire us at the 7695 to put together your all-inclusive event package with catering, activities, décor, and accessories to make your guests’ party experience the most memorable.

Want your colleagues, coworkers and clients talking about your party as the party of the year?

Contact us at The 7695 and ask to set up an appointment with our Events Concierge Coordinator.

Your event is our pleasure.

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