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Pub of Love: A Small Strange Little Bar

Updated: Feb 21

Jody Faison Nashville Nostalgia

Original Nashville foodie Jody Faison will be our special guest at the Songwriter Salon at the 7695 March 31st concert.

He will be performing some of his original songs, telling stories about his classic eateries, and sharing samples and recipes from nostalgic Nashville.

We’ve been talking with him over the past few weeks about his creations.

7695: What was the next place you opened after The Iguana?

Jody: The next place was the Pub of Love, and I don’t really know what to tell you. We didn’t do that much food there.

The Pub of Love Nashville Jody Faison

7695: Tell us a good story.

Jody: OK. Well, across from 12th and Porter there was a big 5000 square foot garage and 15,000 square foot building, but we opened just about 800 square feet and called it The Pub of Love.

While I was trying to figure out what to name it, I was in Ireland for Maura O’Connell’s wedding and went to all the pubs there, so I decided I wanted to put a pub in that space.

At the time Tennessee had laws you couldn’t have kegs of anything in there except domestic beer, because our governor had a Budweiser distributorship, so we ended up with bottled beer there. And we did tapas, you know, little tastings, and it became a music hang out.

Muzik Mafia started there with Big & Rich, and a couple other people. That was always a really popular night for us.

The Pub of Love… it was a small, strange little bar.

Hear more of Jody’s stories and quirky Nashville memories at this month’s Songwriter Salon at the 7695. Tickets available here.

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