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Remembering Pasta Ya Ya at 12th & Porter

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We’re talking with original Nashville foodie Jody Faison getting primed up for his Songwriter Salon at the 7695 appearance on Sat. March 31, 2018.

Last time we talked with Jody about his first restaurant creation Faison’s.

This time we ask him about his second restaurant creation, the still open under new ownership 12th and Porter.

12th & Porter original logo Jody Faison

7695: Tell us about 12th and Porter, Jody.

Jody: In 1984 I opened 12th and Porter. Initially had a few partners there. We turned into another trendy pizza, pasta restaurant about ’86.

Bruce Dobie was the editor of the Nashville Scene, and he loved it there.

I was cooking one night, and we made this dish called Rasta Pasta. We decided to roll up the seasoning in a little twist on the side, and Bruce got such a huge kick out of that presentation.

But Pasta Ya Ya was probably our biggest dish there.

7695: Tell us about Pasta Ya Ya.

Jody: Pasta Ya Ya – I got the idea for the dish from gumbo ya ya.

I thought, I can take the base of gumbo and make it into a pasta sauce, and see how it works.

So in essence that’s the way we make it. It’s got hot sausage and beef or chicken, sauté that together, and the sauce is a reduced heavy cream and a chicken stock. I season that with blackening spice, and that’s about it. It’s an easy dish.

Join us at the Songwriter Salon at the 7695 on March 31, and sample Pasta Ya Ya for yourself. Be sure to get one of Jody’s recipe cards!

Tickets are available here.

March 31 Songwriter Salon Nashville

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