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Venue Wedding | Nashville Music City

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Nashville Music City is the perfect place for a relaxed, elegant venue wedding.

You want your special day to be memorable for the bride and groom, but also for the entire wedding party.

Friends and family can always use a little time and space to get to know their new in-laws properly.

Photo credit John Mofield courtesy Lavigne Wedding

Our 7695 venue is the relaxed atmosphere you need to show your guests a good time.

Located on River Road Pike in West Nashville, the 7695 provides close access to Downtown and the feeling that you’re out in the gorgeous Tennessee countryside.

East Tennesseans feel right at home in the rolling hills surrounding our unique venue property.

Features include both indoor and outdoor space, creek front walk ways and tons of on site parking. We also have a fountain water feature, a separate bride’s suite, and private dedicated high speed internet for your guests.

Back in the 1960s, the main club house was built by the Pickney Family, with the stones in the downstairs acoustically perfect listening room being laid by hand.

Later, the community enjoyed the venue as Peanuts, and then the critically acclaimed Norm’s River Road House, famous for bluegrass music jams and festivals.

In 2016, the property began a long rehabilitation process from sitting dormant for some years. Now the venue is restored beyond its former glory to the stunning events facility you see today.

With over 20 acres currently open for guests, the venue is ready to accommodate the indoor – outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Some of our guests enjoy their ceremony creekside using the natural canopy of the trees, or a hand made special archway.

Others prefer a grand cathedral tent wedding, especially the clear topped ones that are open to the stars in the night sky.

Yes, you can actually see the stars at night from our venue, even though it’s less than 15 miles from the bustling lights of Downtown Nashville’s Broadway.

Your family will appreciate having the time and space to spread out and enjoy the grounds, while your bride and groom take center stage as the connecting knots between your new extended family tribe.

We’re looking forward to giving you a tour to show you around the property, and to booking your special day or weekend package.

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