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Live Music at 7695 Nashville

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Every once in a while, the 7695 turns into one of the finest live music venues in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hosted by hit songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams, this weekend's concert featured home grown Tennessee talent Steve Miller Country accompanied by Chris Hennessee and Cody Leppo of Jamey Johnson's band, as well as rising Texas artist Taylor Lewis.

Here are a few photo highlights and guest comments from the evening -

Toby Hammond of Creative Journey said -

Last night's show at the 7695 was nothing short of amazing. Not only were we mesmerized

by Amanda Colleen Williams and her Story of Love but we also witnessed the EPIC guitar (and performing) skills of Chris Hennessee.

We were fortunate enough to enjoy the awesome voice of Steve Miller and witness another step into superstardom with Taylor Lewis.

During a short break a fella from the audience said “I’ll grab my guitar out of the truck”. A

handful of us went back downstairs for one more set and OH MY GOODNESS…….the room was at awe as he performed songs he had written on his grandfather's 1959 acoustic guitar.

The whole room was smiling, tapping our feet and looking at each other in disbelief. This artist’s name is Chris Steward.

And THAT is why you should never pass on an opportunity to see an Amanda Colleen Williams show. Not only are the advertised artists fantastic but you never know who will be sitting next to you in the audience. These shows ooze talent! They are more than just music, they are almost magical if you're a true fan of music.


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