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Great Group Activity Entertainment Space

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Think about the last private event you attended…

Were there any activities? Did you stand around awkwardly, looking at the other guests, wondering what in the world to talk about or do besides drinking?

Come on! You don’t have to do the same old same old thing at your next party.

Here at The 7695 in West Nashville, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable, homey atmosphere for you and your guests.

From the wide open field, to the upstairs and downstairs lounges, to the private Green Room space, to the hidden creek side trail, you can explore and have fun indoor and outdoor activities a plenty for your event.

Set up a just for fun poker den in the downstairs lounge, play volleyball, badminton or croquet in the back green, wade in the creek, have a fun sing along around the piano, set up a tent outside and bring in one of Nashville’s world class DJs to entertain your custom dance party…

The sky is the limit to your imagination for your event.

We’re here to help your event dreams come true at The 7695 River Road Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37209.

See you soon for your private facility tour.

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